what parts do you need to build a gaming pc

When it comes to gamers, the PC is one of the things that stands out the most. To play games professionally, you need to build a gaming PC so it can be used smoothly and make you more confident in playing games. If you look at professional gamers, they have devices that look very sophisticated and expensive.

These sophisticated devices can not only be used for gaming but can also be used for other activities such as computers in general. You can also use this for other computing activities such as doing assignments, editing videos, working, and much more.

To get a Gaming PC like a professional gamer, is it necessary to buy a series of expensive gaming PCs? The answer is no. To create a gaming PC like a professional gamer, you don’t need to use an expensive PC. However, the use of several parts will increase the speed and power of the computer so that it is more ready to be used for gaming.

Assembling a gaming PC has several advantages. You can use a variety of devices and adjust to the budget you have. In addition, you can easily disassemble and upgrade hardware in the future.

Many people ask what parts you need to build a gaming pc. To find the answer, you need to understand a few things below:

Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Motherboard

When using a computer, two things that should not be forgotten are the CPU and the Motherboard. If you want your computer used optimally, these two parts must exist and complement each other. The use of the motherboard gaming PC serves to connect various hardware on the computer such as CPU, RAM, hard drive, and so on.

The CPU plays an important role so it is often referred to as the brain of the computer. All commands will be received by the CPU and connected to other devices. In addition, if you want a very sophisticated gaming PC, choose a CPU and motherboard with the best qualifications to maximize the features and functions of the game you are playing.


The parts used to make PC gaming are quite diverse. Each part complements the other to form a sophisticated PC Gaming series. To maximize CPU and motherboard performance, you need RAM which aims to temporarily store data while the PC is in use.

To make the best PC Gaming, you can use high-capacity RAM. The combination of high capacity and speed in RAM will make it easier to play games on a PC. There are various types of RAM on the market, you can use the best PC gaming parts for optimal PC work.


In addition to requiring temporary storage, you also need long-term storage such as HDD or SSD. The two types of HDD and SSD storage devices have significant differences. This type of HDD processes data using a disc, while SSDs process data in a digital way.

In terms of speed, SSD is superior to HDD. This is because SSDs use the memory chip method so they don’t need parts to move. With a fast storage device, you can perform computer activities easily and quickly.

VGA Card

When you become a gamer, you want a good and clear visual display, right? A clear display will make you feel like playing in the real world. To get this, you need a part called a VGA Card. The more sophisticated the VGA card you use will give you a clear image display on the computer.

There are two types of VGA cards that you can choose to make your best pc gaming pc parts. The first type is VGA – onboard commonly used in standard computers. The chip used in this type of VGA is integrated with the Motherboard and utilizes RAM when working.

The second type is an offboard VGA card. This VGA is already attached and installed automatically when you buy a motherboard. You can use this type of VGA when you want to build cheap PC gaming parts.

Power Supply Unit (CPU)

To activate all computer components, you need a power supply unit (PSU). The function of the PSU is to change the electric current from the socket to be forwarded to your computer device. There are two types of power supply, namely internal PSU and external PSU.

Computer Case

To keep your computer devices safe, you need a computer case. Although it sounds simple, a computer case can protect all Computer components from being easily damaged by dust, water, and other dangerous things.

CPU Cooler

When all the essential parts from the Gaming PC are available, what parts do you need to build a gaming pc? I think you need to use CPU Cooler. This PC Gaming section is included in a companion device that is not mandatory. Even so, prepare for this when you want your Gaming PC to run optimally. When the Motherboard and CPU are working hard, the devices will feel hot. What if it happens for a long time and can cause the computer to overheat and end in death?

Surely you don’t want it when you’re playing a game then your computer suddenly turns off, right? To avoid that, you need to use a CPU cooler to maintain the temperature of the computer so it doesn’t overheat.

When you use a high-end gaming computer, you need to use a large CPU cooler. There are various types of CPU coolers on the market, ranging in size to large. You can adjust the size and performance of the CPU cooler according to the device you are using.

Gaming Equipment

When the main equipment is already available in PC Gaming, what parts do you need to build a gaming pc? Of course, you need supporting equipment that should not be left behind for a professional gamer. Although it is not the main part of PC gaming, gaming equipment is needed so that the moment of playing games is more comfortable and makes it easier to play games. By using complete gaming equipment, a gamer will be more confident and ready to win games on the computer.

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