how much does a gaming laptop cost

How much does a gaming laptop cost? What characteristics distinguish a “genuine” gaming laptop? Most people believe that a laptop is not a proper gaming machine unless it has a dedicated graphics chip, as opposed to integrated graphics that are part of the computer’s primary engine. There are undoubtedly a wide variety of gaming laptops available today as various manufacturers compete to promote a product that gamers would adore.

However, each person may have a different perspective on what makes a decent gaming laptop. Depending on the games you play and how picky you are, a laptop may not always need to make sacrifices. Finding the finest inexpensive gaming laptops can be difficult, but they can still deliver outstanding performance while remaining within your budget. But difficulty does not equate to impossibility, since there are many good options to think about. These affordable laptops can perform almost all of the same tasks as their more expensive counterparts, including supporting VR headsets and running AAA games with acceptable frame rates. It’s also important to realise that virtually any general working laptop may serve in some capacity as a gaming laptop, if you laid back on the screen-resolution and graphic settings far enough. 

With typical component costs rising and shifting in 2022, the usual $1,000 mark for inexpensive gaming systems has become a little murkier, but we’ll go through what to look for to stick as closely to that amount as possible. Here is a list of the top cheap gaming laptops as a reference for what to search for in the ideal laptop for you.

So, Consider These Things Before You Decide To Buy A Gaming Laptop

1. If you’re looking for: Value for money

Starting with a bit of a guidance, we recommend you to get the greatest GPU you can afford if gaming is your main priority and your budget truly stops at $1,000. From there, everything else can be considered. That might come at the sacrifice of one or more other specifications, such as a Core i5 processor rather than a Core i7 or a little less storage.


Some gaming laptops in the lower price range do in fact have good GPUs and CPUs that perform admirably in the majority of games. Graphics and RAM are the most important factors to take into account when gaming. So the GTX series is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a good laptop that can handle demanding games. The GeForce GTX 1600 series, sometimes known as the “Turing” family, was the most popular in recent years in the most affordable gaming laptops. GPUs like the GeForce GTX 1650 and GTX 1660 Ti were among the first to be featured in 2019, and the GeForce GTX 1650 Ti followed in 2020. This is a decent graphics card that can handle several AAA games at 60 frames per second with ease. The only restriction is that you shouldn’t use the Very High or Ultra settings to guarantee smooth framerates. Since then, Nvidia has also released the RTX 3050 and 3050 Ti, moving its formerly more expensive RTX line into the entry-level category. This makes playing games at high settings on a budget laptop more feasible than before. Additionally, the MSI GF63 offers a strong performance thanks to its Intel Core i7 processor. The majority of contemporary games can be played on low settings thanks to its superb performance and affordable pricing, making it a fantastic option for beginners.

How much does a gaming laptop cost? Budget gaming laptops typically cost approximately $1,000, however some can be found for as little as $800, as has already been mentioned. Just under $850 buys you the Acer Nitro 5, and you can spend more to get greater storage or more RAM. Overall, for the ordinary gamer who isn’t prepared to pay more than $1,300, laptops like this are still terrific.

2. If you’re looking for: Mid-tier gaming laptops

Due to their greater hardware, mid-range laptops are superior to budget options. Most of it is priced between $1,400 and $2,000. The GPU or CPU options on many mid-range laptops can be changed to suit your preferences. Although it’s not all that common to find one with a GTX 1660 Ti installed, these machines typically contain RTX GPUs. If you don’t like NVIDIA products, some have AMD equivalents.


In terms of CPUs, mid-range laptops are more likely to include Intel Core i7 models. Even lower-end i9 processors can be found in the best-in-class models, though this is uncommon. Good options include CPUs like the i7-10750H or i7-9750H. In this price range, you can also buy laptop screens with refresh rates more than 60 Hz. Indicators indicating this is a mid-range gaming laptop include 120 Hz and 144 Hz. These higher frame rates give moving items a smoother appearance. The presence of at least 16 GB of RAM denotes mid-range status. For higher graphics settings, several game manufacturers advocate using this test for RAM needs.

One option is the , which can run virtually any game at high settings thanks to its powerful processor and graphics card given the cost. Most users won’t want more RAM than the 16 GB that is already loaded, and the 512 GB SSD offers ample room to install a few games. With its stunning display and outstanding 240 Hz refresh rate, the Gigabyte Aorus 15P is a close second. It routinely provided the greatest FPS rates of any laptop of the same cost. Both the Predator Triton 300 and this device should be able to play games smoothly for many years given they have excellent graphics cards and processors.

3. If you’re looking for: High-Tier laptops and beyond

Anything that costs $2,000 or more is already considered to be in the top tier, although such machines are expensive for good reasons. You undoubtedly paid a lot of money for these laptops because they offer the best performance. They can generally hit Ultra and still produce smooth frame rates while playing AAA games at very high settings without losing a beat.

One of the best GPUs in the world, the NVIDIA RTX 3000 series or AMD RX 6800, are frequently found in these laptops. There is essentially nothing stopping you from running AAA games at their highest settings or even rendering Minecraft realistically with these graphics cards. The AMD Ryzen 9 5950X is the best AMD CPU, and the i9-10900K is the following model from Intel. These CPUs and GPUs aren’t found in every high-end laptop, but many of them tend to be closer to that end of the spectrum than the available mid-range models. With one of these CPUs, running multiple apps is practically done in a blink of an eye. You can simultaneously stream, play, and record. Apart from occasionally creating a bigger fan noise, your laptop won’t complain too much. In the realm of gaming laptops, a product’s power tends to increase with price. This is not to mean that you must spend a few thousand dollars to purchase a powerful machine. There are occasionally less expensive solutions that are ideal for you. So, how much does a gaming laptop cost? In the end, the purchase should be based on your personal needs and budget.

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