How Long Does a Gaming Laptop Last

Having a durable gaming laptop is something most gamers want, but how long do gaming laptop last? It depends on the way you use and maintain the device. The information below can be your consideration before buying a new gaming laptop. It also helps to understand how to make your favorite gaming device last longer.

The Average Lifespan of a Gaming Laptop

Indeed, it depends on how you treat and use your laptop. A gaming laptop with standard maintenance can last around 3 up to 4 years. If you think it is too short it means you should buy the best high-end gaming laptop and take care of it regularly. 

This trick keeps you using the laptop to play games for about 4 up to 6 years. You can even make it last longer up to 10 years as long as you take care of the laptop intensively. For example, you have to stop and turn your laptop off after a few hours to cool down the system, regularly clean the hardware and software, and even choose the most suitable games that will not push the software harder than it should be. 

The Average Lifespan of a Gaming Laptop Battery

Unlike the software and hardware, a gaming laptop battery is often damaged faster. It takes only 1 to 2 years before you finally should replace the battery with a new one. Indeed, a gaming laptop’s battery lifespan also depends on your habit of playing games. Forcing the battery to work harder than it should shorten its lifespan even before the average lifespan.

Things Affect a Gaming Laptop Lifespan

Talking about how long do gaming laptop last is also related to the things that affect their lifespan. Check the things below before buying a gaming laptop to get a more durable product.

1. The Quality of the Laptop

Generally, the more expensive the gaming laptop, the longer the lifespan. It is because the manufacturers choose more durable features to support the laptop. You can differentiate the quality of gaming laptops based on their processors, graphics, and cooling systems.

2. The Quality of the Hardware

The hardware in a laptop includes the CPU, GPU, RAM, and cooling system. A CPU in a laptop is one of the most crucial parts. It gives power to the system to run all programs and applications so you can play games and accomplish all tasks. 

The higher the specifications of the game you want to play, you need a laptop with a fast processor. The faster the processor, the smoother the gaming. For a last longer option, ensure that you choose a gaming laptop with a dual-core processor. 

A GPU determines the quality of the gameplay. It also makes the game smooth. Ensure that the GPU supports the games you are about to play to keep the laptop working maximally. RAM is a memory you will use to store files on the laptop. 

This feature can also speed up loading time and reduce lag. Having a gaming laptop with a lot of RAM is good if you love to play high-end games. Just like its name, a cooling system helps to reduce the temperature of your laptop to prevent overheating. A laptop with a high-tech cooling system will help to increase the lifespan.

3. The Way You Use the Laptop

A gaming laptop is designed for gaming, although you can also use it for other tasks, such as browsing, working, and editing. The problem is that the harder the laptop works, the shorter its lifespan. Imagine if you force a gaming laptop for playing heavy and advanced gaming and then use it for editing videos.

Dust and dirt affect the performance of your laptop a lot. Your laptop will get hot easily when it is too dirty. It is because dust and dirt reduce airflow. Slowly but surely, it slows down the crucial parts, including the processor, GPU, and others. Indeed, you should clean the laptop regularly at least once a week. Be careful when you are playing while eating or drinking.

Upgrading the gaming laptop means that you change specific features with a better one. There are only three components in a PC you can upgrade. You can improve the memory by replacing the old RAM with the bigger one. 

It helps to improve the speed of the gaming laptop. Upgrading the storage into an SSD or a solid-state drive will also significantly affect the performance of the gaming PC. Indeed, changing the battery regularly will keep the laptop working as it should instead of forcing it to work without a battery.

The temperature of your laptop is also crucial. It affects a lot on the system and its performance. Be careful because high temperatures can cause overheating. Repairing a laptop with overheating issues is costly. 

That’s why you should keep your gaming PC cool. Check whether the laptop has an effective cooling system or not before buying it. shut your gaming laptop off and take a break for a few hours to stabilize the temperature. 

It will be better if using a cooling pad while playing. Ensure that the laptop still has good airflow. A laptop with good airflow can automatically stabilize its temperature.

Closing the background apps is effective enough to increase the laptop FPS. You would better close it before launching a game. This simple trick can increase the lifespan of your gaming laptop.

So, besides asking how long do gaming laptop last, it is also important to know how to make your gaming laptop last longer. As a result, you can use the laptop longer than the average lifespan. It means you also don’t have to spend extra money over again to repair or even buy a new gaming laptop. 

Indeed, having a laptop is not only about using it but also taking care of it. Then, you can use it to play your favorite PC games comfortably anytime and anywhere without any serious problems.

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